Galt Curling Club

2014 - 2015 Curling Season Bonspiels

Challenge Night

Saturday, February 11 starting at 6:45

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Galt Curling Club, we proudly present to you, the first (of hopefully many ): CHALLENGE NIGHT

On Saturday, February 21st you are invited to challenge anyone of your choice to a curling throw down on the ice. They can be members of the Galt Curling Club, a member from another club, or just some regular joe you ran into at the grocery store that snagged the last bag of jalapeño chips. This would also be your opportunity to make good on your previous debts….just don't let us see the cash transaction!

Call outs can be made on the sign up sheet that will be available in the club lounge. Once you've challenged someone or have been challenged and it is accepted, you select your foursome; any foursome you see fit to accomplish your mission. You can be as competitive or carefree as you'd like - the goal is to provide more curling opportunities to existing members, to support the club and to expose individuals to the sport and encourage new memberships.

Club Closing Bonspiel

Friday, April 10 & Saturday, April 11, 2015

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